An everyday church, a Christ-centred church, a local church, a global church, an empowering church…

Our Team

Our church is not built on the talent and gifts of a few but on the sacrifice of many. Let us introduce to you our key leaders who serve God’s people here.

Life Groups

We are all on a journey to discover Jesus and to become like Him.
The best way to grow and flourish in our faith is through a community of people sharing life and fulfilling God’s mission together.
Get connected into this church family and join one of our Life Groups!




God has called us to not only have local, but global impact with the good news of Jesus. Since the birth of this church, we have always been actively involved in overseas missions and we continue to do so today.


Community Engagement


We believe that God has called us to care and bless the community we are in. As a church we embrace opportunities to see the Gospel of Jesus outworked practically for the good and welfare of our community in Clayton.


Equip School


The Christian life is an exciting life of continual growth and development. Our relationship with God and knowledge of the Bible has practical implications in every aspect of our lives from our spiritual formation, character development, relationships, church life, marriage and life purpose. Equip school is our discipleship school that provides the formal training for those looking to grow in their faith and make an impact for God’s kingdom.