Parenting. We all have experience with it. Some are currently parenting, others will be in the future but all of us were parented at some point in our lives. Some of us loved the way we were parented but others would prefer to start out fresh. Either way, we can all agree that parenting is not an easy task. None of us would claim to be experts. We can all learn more about how to raise families that are connected and committed to Christ. This four-week series is aimed at exploring principles of spiritual discipleship in our homes and families.

10 September – Setting The Model  |  17 September – Spiritual Discipleship  |  24 September – Shaping the Boundaries  |  1 October – Staying Connected  |  8 October – Engaging the Same Sex Debate  |  15 October – Guest Speaker

Spiritual Discipleship

Steven JACOBS  | Sunday 17 September


Setting the Model

Senior Pastor Chee-Seng FAH  | Sunday 10 September

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