To build disciples who represent Jesus to everyone, everywhere, with everything.

This vision was unveiled to the Church in January 2017 as a three-part message series.

Disciple-Making Values


The values below were unveiled to the Church via a six-part message series starting Sunday 23 July 2017. All life-groups, Kids Church, Emerge and Ji En are following this series via complementary resources made available via each of the Values message links.

Groups & Gathering

Jesus is experienced and represented more when we are together than alone.


Healthy disciples reproduce disciples

Actively Hearing & Obeying

Through hearing and obeying the Living Word, we work with God to see change in us and others.


Jesus connected with God and those near and far from God

Everyday Moments

The Holy spirit uses everyday moments to shape us to become more like Jesus

We will see…


An Everyday Church

A people where everyday life becomes opportunities to represent Jesus; where mistakes become opportunities to model Christ-like humility, a job promotion to model Christ-like servant-hood, and our money is used to bless and serve those in need rather than ourselves. A people who are disciples and make disciples in everyday life.


A Christ-Centred Gathered Church

A people who gather around the person of Jesus Christ. A multicultural, cross-generational people who gather in groups and Sunday gatherings; where we experience life transformation through the truth of God’s Word, encounter the Holy Spirit and the tangible love of Jesus through one another. A people who reveal Jesus to the world.


A Local Church

A people who embrace the community of Clayton as our own. A people who walk alongside the community leaders, seeking to make the city better together. A people through whom acceptance is given, hope is re-birthed, restoration is discovered and Jesus Christ is found.


A Global Church

A people who warmly welcome international students and migrants. A people who equip and empower them to make disciples locally and globally. A people who partner with others to kick-start and empower disciple-making movements globally.


An Empowering Church

A church where everyone is empowered to change lives by making disciples who multiply. A church that multiples leaders who can birth vision boldly and courageously lead disciple-making movements in different spheres and communities.